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The Value of the American Eagle Silver Dollar

The American Eagle silver dollar was authorized in the year 1985 by the Congress and by the year 1986, it was minted. Until this day, the American Eagle silver dollar is very much valuable because of its purity. It is basically made of pure silver with .999 purity. It is comprised of one full troy silver ounce and contains copper for its durability and strength.

On the front side of the coin, you see the image of a Walking Liberty that was designed by Adolph Weinman and was taken from the half dollar in the year 1916. This image is used to symbolize freedom. On the reverser side of the coin, you see an eagle with a shield that has been designed by John Mercanti. This image, on the other hand, is used to symbolize strength. Learn more about Silver Dollar Coins at american silver eagle. If you look right about the eagle, you will see thirteen stars in it. These thirteen stars represent the thirteen colonies. All of these symbols found in the American Eagle silver dollar are a perfect depiction of the ideals of the United States.

The American Eagle silver dollar might also show some mintmarks. During its beginnings in the year 1986, it was produced in San Francisco that is why you can see them to have an S mark. Come the year 1993, these coins bore a P mark because they were being produced in Philadelphia. Starting the year 2001, they then showed a P mark as they are now being produced at West Point.

Just like all precious metals, silver is a good investment. Every time market shifts either up or down, it cane be used to serve as hedge. Read more about Silver Dollar Coins at 2018 american silver eagle. Since stocks are tanking, a lot of investors are finding some ways for them to hedge their best, and it seems, using precious metals is one of the best and safest options there are. With its price being on a high, you can still expect for it to go up in the coming years.

Besides using them as hedge, the American Eagle silver dollar is also being collected by coin collectors. Coin collectors collect coins to give credit to the artistic viewpoint of the coin as well as its political and economic rules of nature. Some coin collectors have them just because they cannot get enough of them while some coin collectors collect out of their passion for history and design. Some even like the feel of metals that are clinking and metals that are gleaming. Basically, with the American Eagle silver dollar, you get more than just its aesthetic value but its monetary value as well. Learn more from

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