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The American Eagle Silver Dollar

The minute you think or hear of the word dollar, you mostly tend to focus on the paper dollar bill, after all, all of us use the US dollar bill as our currency. However, in the 1700's the money that was used was the silver dollar. The American silver dollar is a huge part of the history and a highly unique collector's piece.

The first US dollar to be released was in 1794 which was in the form of the American Eagle Silver Dollar. The style that they were based on was like the Spanish dollar which was then in use. However, the design and styles of the American Eagle Silver Dollar have frequently been changing and a more symbolic image being used for the history of the US. Read more about Silver Dollar Coins at 2018 silver dollar. A good example of these symbols is Lady Liberty, your former presidents and so on, the symbol is usually a representation of freedom and unity to the country. The Silver dollar that was first made represented Lady Liberty's head facing the right side along with her long flowing hair. There is an inscription of the word LIBERTY just above the top of her head in a circular manner. On the left side of Lady liberty, there are eight stars and one star on the left.

If you put the coin in reverse, you will notice that there is an eagle that is surrounded by a wreath and all around the words the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are inscribed. At the edge of the coin, there is a lettered denomination that is written ONE DOLLAR or HUNDRED CENTS and so on. This great coin was designed by Robert Scot and was made out of a combination of 90% silver and 10% copper. Get more info about Silver Dollar Coins at liberty silver dollar. All the coins of that date were made in the Philadelphia mint, and that is why they do not have a mint mark. The said design was in use for four years that is until 1798 when another design was introduced which was the heraldic eagle on the reverse.

Since then, the designs have changed over time, all the changes were welcomed because they meant something of great commemoration to the Americans and also internationally. A perfect example of this was seen in the 1921 peace dollar which was made to celebrate the ending of the World war 1. The 1971 Eisenhower was made to pay tribute to all the presidents who at any time led the country. The American Eagle Silver dollar has been a great part of history, and even now it is still as important. Learn more from

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